Nathalie et Sébastien oyster                                                                                                                        (unit)   6 €

Smoked sardine with seaweed vinaigrette.                                                                                             (unit)   5 €

Ramón Peña “gold label” canned mussels.                                                                                     (6-8 units)  16€

Ramón Peña “gold label” canned razor clams.                                                                                                   19 €

Extra mullet roe with Marcona almonds.                                                                                            (40gr.)   14 €

Julián Martín acorn-fed Iberian ham.                                                                                                 (100gr.)  26 €

Julián Martín acorn-fed Iberian Lomo (pork loin sausage)                                                          (100gr.)  17 €


Bonito confit in lemon escabeche, fennel and seaweed salad. 18 €

Fresh almonds soup, grape and scampi. 17 €

Burrata and flame aubergine salad with roasted tomato pesto. 17 €

Salt-cured organic foie gras, smoked eel and baked pear. 21 €

Dry-aged beef carpaccio, black alioli (Spanish garlic sauce), cured egg yolk and tartar sauce. 19 €

Creamy Calasparra rice with vegetables and saffron and ñora pepper emulsion. 18 €

Cured scallops in kombu seaweed, saffron velouté and artichokes. 19 €

Red prawn curry, seasonal vegetables, wild rice and cashew nuts. 18 €

Angus rib ravioli, parmentier and mandarin. 21 €

Stir fried squid, baby beans and “michirones” stock with honey and mint. 18 €



Grilled fish of the day, kaffir lime soup, lemon leaf, coconut and lemon grass. 25€


Red tuna parpatana (extra-fatty part), Mediterranean sauté and homemade pickled food. 26 €

Hake, green sauce with peas. 24 €



Slow cooked goatling blade, vegetable cous-cous and spiced potatoes. 24 €

Iberian pork cheek, Cantonese lacquer, sweet potato and pepper alioli (Spanish garlic sauce). 21 €

+4 years old beef tenderloin foie meunière, mushroom duxelle and truffle. 30

Guinea Fowl with mushrooms, turnip and romescu . 22 €




Chocolate, “torta de recao” and salted caramel. 12€


Wet cake with apple, cinnamon and mascarpone cream. 12€


Iced coconut, mango and yuzu soup with matcha tea and ginger. 12€


Cheese assortment, Muscat gummy and quince. 14 €






** Bread and oil service 3€ per person.


**VAT included.

Tasting Menu

 -Tasting Menu

-Served to the whole table-

Murcian salad, fresh oregano and smoked eel

“Marinera- Tartlet”

Sheep cheese and paprika sphere


“Carrasca” hen with celeriac

Segureño lamb umami gyoza

                                                                                                         Fresh almonds soup, grape and sea urchin.

Red tuna in escabeche fennel and salting celeriac.

Foie gras custard, pumpkin and pistachio.

Calasparra rice, pork ribs, vegetables, saffron and ñora pepper.

Hake and its kokotxa, green sauce with peas.

Quail, orange and parsnip.


Cheeses (8€ supplement)

                                                                                            Pumpkin, lemon verbena with monastrell and hibiscus soup. 

Chocolate, “torta de recao” and salted caramel.

Worldwide classic cakes. 

Bread and olive oil from Región de Murcia.

(drinks not included)

100€. VAT included

-Due to the length of the tasting menu, it can just be ordered

until 14.30h for lunch service and until 21.30h for evening service. –